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Movable Rack
Steel file cabi
Steel locker
Stainless steel
Stainless locke
Library shelf
Office workstat
Stacked chairs
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Contact: Mr. Yang
Mobile: 18626111596 15358815389
Tel: 0512-66106559
Fax: 0512-66106559
E-mail:[email protected]
Address: Suzhou Industrial Park, North Town Union
· Suzhou City line on the furniture business website City yuan and Yang Jianwei it! ! ! [2017/4/20]
· Customized to meet the individual requirements of office furniture have the skills and acceptance [2017/4/20]
· Office furniture market heating enjoy renowned high-end products, much attention [2017/4/20]
· Teach you four strokes to buy solid wood furniture [2017/4/20]
· Drying damp furniture maintenance coup [2017/4/20]
· Home industry to increase innovation and improve the standard path of sustainable green road [2017/4/20]
· 2012 furniture trade market businesses seek most in the crowd [2017/4/20]

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